Plan The Ultimate 2015 Oscars Viewing Party At Home!



Photo: Bandmine

It’s time for the Oscars! The Academy Awards is the pinnacle of awards season, and while not all of us are lucky enough to don fabulous outfits to grace the red carpet, we’ve got the ultimate couch party ideas for you to enjoy the show at home!

Here’s how to plan for the ultimate Oscars viewing party, indoors:

Gaia Italian Café’s Milanese Panini 

Google past Oscar winners and you’re sure to find images of gorgeous humans with their statuettes, enjoying a great burger or sandwich! Continue the tradition at home, with help from Gaia Italian Café, and without the guilty pile of calories. Get into their Milanese Panini, with fried chicken cutlet, delicious pesto sauce and tomatoes. Get a bite into the crispy bread, and you’ll be hooked!


Nutella Popcorn Puppy Chow 

Photo: Mark Weinberg via Food52

Photo: Mark Weinberg via Food52

We’ve come to terms about not tasting Wolfgang Puck’s amazing Oscar spread, so we’re going with dressed up snack food instead. Just think of mixing Nutella, chocolate chips, butter, popcorn, sugar and some vanilla extract together, and voila! Benedict Cumberbatch would be envious of your couch party. Full recipe here. 

Café M Studio’s Macarons 

If popcorn isn’t enough for you, then your party needs the ultimate elegant dessert. We’re talking pretty macarons! Our friends at Café M Studio are a culinary force, always developing and taste-testing new culinary delights. We love their handmade signature macarons! Locals would agree, it’s one of the best in city. Actors can win their statuettes, you can have these amazing treats!

2015 Academy Awards Drinking Game

No time for fancy cocktails? You need only break out your champagne, or liquor, to enjoy this long, long ceremony. Make this viewing party truly bearable with a drinking game, and pass the bottle should there be another Adele Dazeem situation! (Or to pass the awkwardness when an Oscar winner’s speech is too long!)


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