How to Avoid Party Hosting Mistakes With 5 Easy Steps!


It’s a long shot, but we’re all hoping it’s Spring tomorrow. Until then, the only logical thing to do is bring the party indoors! When hosting any sort of party, don’t stress about making it perfect that you forget to have fun.

We have a quick list for you to avoid party hosting mistakes, in five easy steps:

1. Don’t figure things out at the last minute. 
We don’t mean you have to plan six months ahead when the party is only for 30 pax or so! Take a minute to figure out all the details of your party, from the designated party space to the amount of drinks you’ll need. Most importantly, the amount of food you will need! Ease your stress by leaving food preparations to the experts, like our awesome vendors!

2. Don’t assume your guests are familiar with your party space.
As a party host, you will get caught up bringing everything together you might forget to lay everything out for your guests. Not everyone will know where you put your food or drinks, so ensure everything is in plain sight. Your best bet? A dessert table, or a drinks cart/bar! It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just needs to be properly equipped for your guests’ ease.

3. Understand the power of music, and appropriate music levels! 
We’re not saying you will need to bring a DJ or a band every time you’re hosting, but get things started with music even before your guests arrive. Skip the Top 40 mix if you want your guests to mingle, so always go with something nice and easy. Be mindful of the music level! Too low and it’s just senseless background noise. Too noisy, and it will be distracting. Test before your guests arrive.

4. Don’t forget to introduce your guests to each other.
It’s inevitable. You’ll be inviting friends who wouldn’t know each other, so remember to take a minute to put drinks in their hands and properly introduce them to each other. Nobody wants an awkward party! Quick Tip: Introduce your friends to more than one person at the party, so they can move around more comfortably as the party commences.

5. Learn to delegate!
We know, you’re the party host! You think you should be stressed out, but that’s not true. Hosting a party isn’t a solitary task, so avoid all the scrambling and freaking out at the last minute by enlisting reliable help. Here’s where your best friend, boyfriend or sister will come in as your savior! Your helper will be able to put last minute touches together in the prep area while you walk around and properly greet your guests.

Remember, the party isn’t just for them. It’s yours, so don’t forget about your fun!


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