3 Ways to Celebrate National Meatball Day!


Every March 9 marks a specially awesome national day to celebrate, National Meatball Day!

While we’re a little than a few hours after March 9, we’re planning to make this a national meatball weekend, with three distinct meatball dishes from all over the world to enjoy and yum over! Check ’em out:

Mimi and Coco NY’s Teriyaki Balls

We’re all about Japanese savories, and teriyaki balls are no exception! Just think stuffed dough balls with teriyaki sauce, with glorious toppings! Mimi and Coco have a variety of options for your filling, from country sausage, juicy shrimp, chewy cheese and organic potato. It’s so good! Hunt Mimi and Coco down here.

The BEST Swedish Meatballs  

Pump the brakes before you head down to IKEA to get your meatballs fix! We found the recipe for the best Swedish meatballs you have ever tasted. It’s gorgeously light, and is super easy to form. Don’t forget about the sauce! It’s light and dreamy, thanks to the beef broth and cream combo. We promise you, it’s worth making as part of your weekend project! Full recipe here. 

Spiced Middle Eastern Lambs with Pita and Yogurt 


Photo: David Malosh via Epicurious

What’s better than kefte, köfte or kufte? Variations aside, you’re bound to find a lamb or beef meatballs recipe that will make any part of Middle East proud! We love the recipe’s seasoning, with spices you probably already have in your kitchen. Just think of cumin and paprika for a texture flavor. If you’re a garlic fan, then add more minced cloves for a garlicky yogurt sauce! Get the full recipe here.

Here’s to celebrating National Meatball Day all weekend!


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