Event Highlight: Keen Home on ABC’s Shark Tank Viewing Party!


It takes guts, and a whole lot of perseverance to be brave enough to start a company. Then, really understand what it takes to make a product or service so outstanding, the world is going to get up and pay attention. This is why we at Fiestah, love what we do, and love when we see that same passion around us!

Our buds at Keen Home recently hosted a viewing party in honor of their appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, and Fiestah had the honor of being their go to tool for organizing their party!


Keen Home Founders Ryan Fant and Nayeem Hussain

It only takes one spark, to make it all happen! Keen Home was founded in 2013 by Ryan Fant, Nayeem Hussain and Will McLeod, with a product called Smart Vent. The Smart Vent works as a wirelessly connected air vent that automatically opens and closes to redirect airflow through homes. Just think of controlling temperatures in individual rooms using your smart phone, and saving on your monthly energy bill!

With a sound product like this, it’s no wonder Keen Home won one of the highest valuations in the history of ABC’s Shark Tank.


Guests in anticipation for the episode to drop!

When Keen Home found out their episode was going to air in a week, they went straight to Fiestah to organize their viewing party in order to serve amazing food and drinks to 150 of their closest friends and family all eager to see how they brought that money home!


Guests enjoying the awesome grub!

“The caterer provided fantastic food and service to all of my 150 guests. I heard several people commenting on how the food was so delicious. I would definitely recommend Fiestah to anyone looking for excellent caterers for a reasonable price.” — Nayeem Hussain, CEO of Keen Home

If there’s one thing we love most, it’s when guests really look like they are enjoying their time and the food we’ve prepared for them!


We’re so proud of Keen Home, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store for them! While The Smart Vent isn’t available just yet (Psst: We heard it will drop late Summer!), you can pre-order yours here. Keen Home’s already pre-sold more than 35,000 Smart Vent units, so rest assured this is a product you absolutely need in your own home.

Thanks to Keen Home, now your home can finally take care of you!

Get your Keen Home fix on Shark Tank, via the video below:

Pictures courtesy of Keen Home

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