#HotGuysEatingSalads: Get Inspired With 3 Awesome Salads!

It’s a brand new week! How about starting fresh with a little help from eye candy, having a plate full of nutritious goodness? #HotGuysEatingSalad is finally a thing, and we are totally on board!

In honor of these gorgeous men eating healthily, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite salads for you to try:

Sinful Indulgence’s Black Eyed Peas Salad 

Our love for Kizzy from Sinful Indulgence knows no bounds! Her black eyed peas salad is perfect as it is, or as a side dish. The delectable mix of black eyed peas, with diced red onions and a generous mix of avocado is not only super easy to eat, but tastes super good too! Get your salad, and a myriad of other awesome dishes here!

Green Bean Salad with Mustard Seeds and Tarragon

Spring is here, regardless of the weather we’re actually experiencing! Get into something bright and fresh with this salad, thanks to the green beans, snow peas and peas. We love the kick of flavor with the help from lemon zest, mustard seeds and tarragon. We promise you, it may look too easy to put together, but the taste definitely isn’t simple! Full recipe here.

Teany’s Fresh Salads 

Photo: Teany

Photo: Teany

Count on Teany for that authentic American cuisine, served only with the freshest ingredients. We love their salads selection, such as the Energy Salad with almond slivers, shredded carrot, avocado and cranberries. Another highlight is the Teany Salad, with greens, heart of palm, corn, avocado, tomato and kalamata olives. With Teany, you’ll get nothing but the most vibrant salads! Get yours here.

We hope our selection (and those gorgeous men eating salads!) will inspire you to start, and eat fresh this week!

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