Party Decoration Ideas: Affordable & DIY Bar Carts!


We’re always on the lookout for fun ways to make your party planning a whole lot easier, and for a fun twist to your soirees! This is why we’re so excited about bar carts! It’s the perfect space to store all your glorious bottles, and to wheel out whenever you need it. It can also double up as a mini bar, where guests can mix their own concoctions!

Bar carts can retail at exorbitant prices, so we’ve scoured a few different bar carts as inspiration so you can begin assembling your own. Check it out, after the cut:

Life Design’s DIY Pipe Bar Cart

We applaud Life Design for this awesome DIY pipe bar cart, which was put together without a proper game plan! Lucky for us, she went through the trouble so we know how to assemble without all the fuss and stress! We love the industrial feel of the bar cart, with the rugged appeal that can fit in any space. Full instructions here.

Primer Magazine’s DIY Bar Cart 

Primer Magazine swears this is one of their easiest DIY projects to follow, and we believe them. You’ll begin with shelf liners (they’re super cheap too!), before smoothing and staining the wood. Once the shelves are dry, you can assemble the cart! This DIY bar cart is so versatile, you can even opt to install a bottle opener at the side, or a handle to place a bar towel. It will look so good as a home decoration, or a party staple! Full instructions here. 

IKEA’s Utility Cart 


Photo: IKEA 

We love this utility cart! Multifunctional and colorful to boot, this cart is sturdy and fits in tight spaces so you know this will be handy. It can be used as a bar cart for one party, and a dessert cart for the next! This cart can be used in many different ways, and comes with an affordable price tag. What’s not to love! Buy yours here.

If mixing drinks isn’t your forte, we’ve got a great group of vendors who can set the bar up at your next party. All you need to do is check them out here, and they’ll come to your rescue!


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