Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month with GCDC!


Photo courtesy of: Seth Design Group

Photo courtesy of: Seth Design Group

We’ve got great news to share! Fiestah has just launched in D.C., and we are stoked to be the ultimate party planning platform for you. Huge thanks to Elevation DC for this awesome feature, we appreciate the shout out!

To celebrate this exciting news, we are proud to introduce our awesome vendor, GCDC. As it’s National Grilled Cheese Month, it’s only fitting we highlight the awesome guys behind GCDC, and the amazing grilled cheese sandwiches they serve!

What is GCDC? GC stands for Grilled Cheese, obviously! Casual grilled cheese spot by day, and wine bar by night, GCDC has been the ultimate spot to get your comfort food on. In the evening, the menu transforms, with indulgent cheese and charcuterie boards served up by their famous cheesemonger Sophie Slesinger, to accompany your happy hour fun!


Photo: GCDC 

Owner Bruce Klores came up with the idea of GCDC many years ago, as he was enjoying a seriously awesome grilled cheese sandwich in the streets of San Francisco. After winding down the law practice he started 30 years earlier, Bruce found the perfect partner to join him on this journey. It was none other than his own son, Steven!

This father-son team opened the doors of GCDC in April 2014, and it’s been long lines around the block ever since. We can’t imagine otherwise, because our love for grilled cheese is real! Where else can we turn to but this fast-casual lunch spot, for a dazzling array of classic and unusual grilled cheeses on the menu?


Photo: GCDC

Now, everybody has a version of their ultimate grilled cheese sandwich. Yet, we look to Bruce who understands the love and respect for grilled cheese. He says, ” There’s so many undiscovered ways to make it and do it!”

It’s this curiosity and drive to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, that sees inspiration from many well-known dishes. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a sandwich version of your favorite pasta dish? Enter The Grilled Carbonara, featuring a gooey blend of Gruyère, fresh goat cheese, leeks and pancetta. What is there not to love about this incredible sandwich?


Photo: GCDC 

Another reason why you can’t mess with GCDC, is their Turbo Chef SOTA convection oven. We’re talking a single machine for quick and precise cooking or baking, so there’s no chance of any bread burning here! You can also believe that Bruce and Steven make everything in house, from their short ribs to their caramelized onions, even their summer time gazpacho. The ingredients are local too, with fresh baked bread delivered daily from Lyon Bakery, and gluten free bread from Goldilocks. It’s nothing but the real thing at GCDC!

It’s this commitment to making people smile, and to make seriously delectable sandwiches that sees people come back for more. Then there’s Steven’s very own vegan “tomato soup with a kick” that be ordered as a side, or by the bowl. Trust us, this homemade tomato soup will serve all your dunking needs!

Thrillist has a list of reasons why you need to head down to GCDC immediately, and we love the number one reason why. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce the Kim-Cheese Steak! It’s a loving, oozy pile of GCDC’s cheddar blend, kimchi, spicy sauce and roast beef on white bread. They had us at kimchi + cheese! It’s out of this world good.

If a Korean mashup isn’t your thing, you can always opt for the Bacon Jalapeño Popper, with a four cheese cheddar blend and goat cheese with bacon on buttered jalapeño cheddar bread. Still not your thing? The DC Classic is for you, with a four cheese cheddar blend with tomato on buttered white bread. There’s something for everybody!

When your love affair with grilled cheese needs a quick break, wash it down with a decadent cup of Egg Cream! This serving is a nod to Bruce’s Brooklyn roots, with a twist. GCDC’s update consists of whipped cream vodka, Frangelico liqueur, chocolate syrup, whole milk and club soda. No calorie counting allowed!

There you have it, folks. We’re honored this awesome grilled cheese joint is our vendor, and we just know, their servings will satisfy any party in town. It’s all about fun, comfort, family and lots of love for this classic treat. What is more irresistible than that?

Get your grilled cheese fix here!

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