Do Your Part For Planet Earth: How to Celebrate Earth Day

It’s April 22, and this marks International Earth Day! The world’s largest civic event is back to remind all of us to respect and care for our environment. Earth Day isn’t just one day of the year to plant a tree, it’s a promise to ourselves to commit to protect our environment the whole year-round.

If you’re unsure of what to do, don’t be pressured into thinking you have need a grand plan to celebrate Earth Day. Every little bit counts, and we’ve got a few ways you can be a part of Earth Day:

Earth Day at the NY Botanical Garden
From 6pm onwards tonight, head to the Ross Hall for a film screening and panel discussion of the award-winning documentary, Jens Jensen The Living Green. The story revolves around the Danish immigrant who started by sweeping the sidewalks to becoming a passionate environmental activist. Give thanks to the landscape architect who championed for neighborhood parks and sustainable design. More information here.

Organize an Organic Potluck
Ditch your fast food cravings, and opt for real food! Organize a quick get-together at home or potluck at the office, with organic food in mind. Food doesn’t have to be out of a can for it to be super delicious! Take it a step further by going vegan today! You can call on our vegan vendors and caterers who will guarantee a healthy meal, without compromising taste and flavor. Everyone at the potluck will be pleasantly surprised!

Track Your Carbon Savings
Download My Earth — Track Your Carbon Savings to track the amount of energy you use during your daily routine! This simply diary format tracks energy consumption you use, from electricity, food and even travel. The app also has suggestions for you to conserve energy. We love the visual of a polar bear perched on an iceberg that showcases your progress in saving energy. The more energy you save, the bigger the iceberg will get. Save Earth, and save the cute polar bear!

Enjoy Mother Nature!
This one is a no brainer, as it is Earth Day after all. Spend some time outdoors! Take your lunch outside, and enjoy the park. Listen to the birds even. Feeling like you need to something more for Mother Nature? Plant a tree, if you like. This is the perfect day to connect with Mother Nature, so put that phone down!

Happy Earth Day!

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