Happy National Pretzel Day!


April 26 marks National Pretzel Day! Centuries ago, Catholic monks were the first to make pretzels from leftover dough. The knot shape was said to represent the Holy Trinity, but the symbol has since evolved. Ever wondered where the phrase “tying the knot” came from? Pretzels were used to symbolize the bond of marriage in the 17th century!

To celebrate National Pretzel Day, we’ve got four vendors who make delicious pretzels! Check them out after the cut, and get yourself some pretzels today:

Sigmund’s Pretzels 

The folks at Sigmund’s Pretzels understand the versatility of the pretzel. Their baking lean towards all things German and Eastern European, with a touch of New York, of course! Sigmund’s Pretzels offer properly chewy pretzels, which also comes in truffle cheddar, feta olive and many more. If you’re up for something different for your event, they offer a Pretzel Cart rental delivery too! The cart is inclusive of one staff member. More information here.

Pelzer’s Pretzels 

Pelzer’s Pretzels may be located in Brooklyn, but believe its roots are firmly planted in all things Philadelphia! Expect soft, handmade pretzels when you go to these folks, with the promise of nothing but wholesome and fresh pretzels using the best ingredients. Don’t forget to pick up their amazing spicy beer or champagne honey mustard when you get their classic pretzels! Look out for the Jalapeno Cheddar and Balboa pretzels too. Get yours here!

Bronx Baking Co. 

Want a salty edge to your pretzels? Look no further than Bronx Baking Co. We’re down with positive promotion of all the boroughs, and bringing more love their way. We also love that Bronx Baking Co. guarantee no preservatives, and bake everything fresh! Everything is hand rolled and lye dipped to give the pretzels a chewy texture, deep flavor and that distinctive pretzel crust. Look out for their yummy Bacon Pretzel! Get yours here.

Philly Pretzel Factory 

We have to give it up to the world’s largest Philly-style pretzel bakery, right in their home in Philadelphia! Even with a huge franchise, Philly Pretzel Factory does not falter. Expect nothing but freshly made dough, where every pretzel is hand twisted. Besides their Real Pretzels, check out their Pretzel Twists, a unique “twist” on their Philly-style pretzels. Want a smaller offering? Get their Mini Pretzels, a throwback to the original “Philadephia Penny Pretzels”. Perfect for any party or gathering.

To celebrate National Pretzel Day, head on down to any of the Philly Pretzel Factory locations and redeem your free pretzel! Best Sunday or what?

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