Star Wars Day: May The Fourth Be With You!

It’s 4th of May, so it’s time to get your lightsabers out. It’s Star Wars Day!

We’ve got the perfect list of ways you can celebrate Star Wars Day! We’ve also got food and drink ideas that will come in handy this Monday, after the cut:

Obi-Wan Kabab-ies 


Photo via: Catch My Party 

Kebabs are the perfect party food, because there’s a myriad of flavors on a stick. The possibilities are endless! We love this Obi-Wan Kabab-ies, as you can mix up the different fruits to put together for guests to enjoy. Place your favorite Obi-Wan figurine as the protecter of your platter, and you’re set! This is also perfect to bring to work, and for your colleagues to enjoy.

Leia Buns

We look to our awesome vendor, Brooklyn Wok Shop, for a little help with serving savories! Be creative with your dishes, and name them after your favorite Star Wars characters. We love Brooklyn Wok Shop’s roast pork buns, which we dub as the ‘Leia Bun’. It’s gorgeous, just like the Princess herself! Get yours here.

The Dark Side-tini 

Geek Girl Brunch hails this cocktail recipe as the perfect Dark Side Martini, and we agree! Taken from Eclectic Recipes, this Dark Side-tini fuses black rum, crème de cacao, black food coloring and a tablespoon of brown sugar. The Dark Side is so tempting!

Qui-Gon Gin 


Photo: The More You Nerd Podcast via The Drunken Moogle

We wouldn’t be able to forgive ourselves if we didn’t mention this cocktail recipe! Qui-Gon Gin in all its green splendor is made of gin, lemon liquor, splash of lime juice, tonic water and topped with a lime wedge. If Qui-Gon Jinn enjoyed a drink outside his Jedi duties, he would appreciate this recipe for sure.

Where to Celebrate Star Wars Day in the City 

DNA Info has a great list of places to celebrate May the Fourth. Don’t be afraid to head out with your light saber, and your best Hans Solo vest! Get the full list here.

May the Fourth be with you. Until “Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens”!


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