Have Yourself A Doughnut-Themed Wedding Party


Photo: Tinywater Photography via Milou + Olin Photography

When we came across this Doughnut Themed Wedding Shower post, we were totally inspired! Want to celebrate a couple’s impending nuptials, but want a delicious theme? This party will be such a joy to put together!

What’s the most important detail of the party? The doughnuts, of course! We’ve got a list of vendors who make the best doughnuts in the country so you can count on them. We’re throwing in a doughnut cocktail too! Check ’em out, after the cut:

District Doughnut

If you’re in DC, get your doughnuts from District Doughnut! The team are made up of chefs and entrepreneurs serving gourmet doughnuts that are handcrafted. We’re talking fresh doughnuts, all day every day. They’ve got an array of flavors to choose from too! Highlights include the Brown Butter, with cinnamon sugar coating and brown butter icing and Salted Dulce de Leche, with Dulce de Leche pastry cream filling and frosting.

Not sure how to set up your doughnut display? The team not only deliver, they are experts at set up too. Get more information here.

Dun-Well Doughnuts


Photo: Anna Olivia Grant via New York Times

Love doughnuts but can’t find vegan options? You’ll find Dun-Well Doughnuts, in Brooklyn. What started as a food craving thanks a Simpson’s episode has become a gorgeous all-vegan doughnut shop. We’re talking the first in NYC! They’ve got a ton of flavors, so you might have to taste one doughnut a day to taste ’em all. Staple doughnuts include traditional glazed, cinnamon sugar and coconut. Want something less traditional? They’ve got flavors such as Root Beer, Black Licorice, Green Tea Ginger.. flavors for everybody to enjoy!



Photo: Dough

We’ve been obsessed with Dough, since forever! Trust in one of the best doughnuts spots in NYC to make all the doughnuts and glazes in house, so you know it’s good. Want a spectacular confection that will make the wedding party? Go with their Dulce de Leche. It’s a fluffy, sweet and moist ring of caramel and vanilla cake, topped with a delicate toasted almond crunch. We also love the Hibiscus, with a sweet tangy glaze of imported Mexican hibiscus. The doughnut station will look so divine!

Doughnut Plant 

Photo: Todd Coleman via Saveur

Photo: Todd Coleman via Saveur

Once hailed as one of the best doughnuts in the country by Saveur, count on Doughnut Plant. They don’t use eggs, preservatives, or anything artificial so you can serve their doughnuts without worry. We love their yeast doughnuts! Imagine light, airy and fluffy yeast-raised doughnuts, with a slight chew. They’ve got the staple doughnuts, but you’ll have to check in to see what’s available! This May, they’ve got the Mole Doughnut, and Mole Chocolate Cake Doughnut. We’re salivating already!

Glazed Doughnut Cocktail

What’s any party without a special cocktail to commemorate the event? You’ll have to serve a Glazed Doughnut Cocktail, of course. This tasty creation isn’t overwhelmingly doughnut-y, but you will definitely get a taste of doughnuts! Serve with a glazed rim with sprinkles, and watch everyone’s eyes light up. Too much is never enough! Full recipe here. 


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