How to Throw the Ultimate Pizza Party

Did somebody say pizza + party? We were inspired by Bite Me More‘s awesome post on throwing a pizza party, and we felt compelled to share our own tips on how to throw the ultimate pizza party this city has ever seen!

Before you rush out for red and white checked tablecloths, remember the star of the party is pizza. We’re talking that good pizza! Check out our pick of awesome pizzas that should be delivered to your party doorstep:

Rizzo’s Fine Pizza 


Photo: NYLON

Known for their thin Sicilian slices, Rizzo’s Fine Pizza has been making their unique brand of pizza since 1959. Trust that every item they have on the menu is created by hand, using age-old family recipes and their own special cooking methods. The result is light and airy pizza, made with only the freshest of ingredients. Rizzo’s Original Pies are affectionately known as “squares”, the pie that made them famous! Stack up orders for the “Americana”, a specialty creation that includes BBQ Chicken, red onion, bacon, award winning BBQ sauce and creamy mozzarella. You won’t regret it!

Fat Sal’s Pizza 

Look no further than Fat Sal’s for the classic Big Apple pizzeria, producing the perfect and timeless New York City pie. It’s all about the meticulous attention to details and a devotion to provisioning the freshest quality ingredients for Fat Sal’s formula of success. Get on board with their Fresh Mozzarella & Basil Pizza, or their Sicilian Pie! Get yours here. 

Dona Bella Pizza

For another option of that authentic New York style pizza in the heart of Tribeca, look for Dona Bella Pizza. Their slices are cooked to perfection, using the crispest veggies, freshest meats and freshly homemade Marinara sauce. Satisfy your Italian cravings, and look out for their Fresh Mozzarella Pizza. It’s their signature slice, and taken from an old family recipe. We also love the Grandma Pizza, with Dona Bella’s homemade marinara sauce, mozzarella parmesan and fresh garlic. Your guests will be hankering for more!

Pizza Party Decorations & Favors 

An inexpensive way to decorate the party space are the empty pizza boxes, which you can purchase at a gift wrapping store. These boxes are actually meant for cookies, but put a stamp on it with a simple party logo for a pop of originality!

Send guests home with shakers, labeled “Parmesan” or “Green Olives”. Except, serve white apple candies and green M&Ms in the shakers instead. Guests will be pleasantly surprised by your “mix-up”!

Here’s to a rockin’ pizza party this city has seen!

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