End Of An Era: Say Goodbye to Mad Men The Right Way



Photo: Frank Ockenfels/AMC

If you’re not in the know, Mad Men’s final episode aired last weekend. It’s the end of the era, but we’re not ready to let go just yet!

We’ve got a few ways to prolong the Mad Men fever, and save all of us from withdrawal. Check it out, after the cut:

Betty’s Rumaki 


Photo: John Woods for Winnipeg Free Press

We’re not going to spoil anything about the final episode, but man do we miss Betty Francis already! Take it all the way back with popular mid-century appetizer, rumaki. It’s tiny skewers of chicken liver, water chestnut and bacon that is an entirely American invention! Quick reminder: The rumaki made its appearance at the “Around the World” party for Don’s clients. Full recipe here.

Lavender Meyer Lemon Tom Collins Cocktail


Photo: Yummly

What’s a Mad Men tribute without a cocktail to kick things off? This Tom Collins cocktail is the business, and will get things rolling. We love the lemon kick, with a side of sweet to balance everything, much like our favorite female characters on the show. Full recipe here. 

Whiskey Buck 

What’s Mad Men without Don Draper and his love of drinks? He might have a favorite in the Old Fashioned, but take it up a notch with Whiskey Buck! We love the ginger flavor and bright citrus notes paired with the sweet caramel, and smoky bourbon. This drink will do right by Don, we promise! Full recipe here. 

Now, who is up for a Mad Men marathon?

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