Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us! It’s a time to honor the men and women who have died protecting our freedom, and to celebrate all the good work they do. We’re also stoked about the reopening of the city beaches, amusement parks and all the outdoor activities we’ve been dreaming about since winter.

We’ve got a few ideas on how to celebrate Memorial Day, and the unofficial start of summer. Check it out, after the cut:

Eat: Patriotic Berry Trifle 


Photo: Steve Giralt via Food Network 

Whip up something easy, but no less patriotic, with this berry trifle from Sunny Anderson! Don’t worry about the angel food cake, store bought ones are fine. Brush both sides of each slice of the cake with a syrup, and alternate the layers with blueberries, cream and strawberries. It’s so gorgeous, everyone will want a piece of this trifle! Full recipe here.

Might Get Weird: Memorial Day Party 

Get it poppin’ this Memorial Day, where things ‘Might Get Weird’! Haven’t been to one of these? Put your trust in Brooklyn-based party and DJ collective, the Deep, for a rockin’ good time. Sign up at mightgetweird@gmail.com and stay tuned for full details of the location and lineup. It’ll be worth it, we promise!

War Movies FTW 

If you’re not into catching the first signs of the coming warmth, stay cozy at home and watch a movie. Time Out has a great list of the Best War Movies Of All Time. Get started on the list, and maybe make a viewing party happen! We’ve got a list of vendors who will be there for your catering needs. You’re welcome!

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