Fiestah Craves: Fresh Lobster Rolls!

Any day is a good day for a deliciously fresh lobster roll! Luckily, you don’t have to travel to Maine for a quick pick-me-up. We’ve got some of the best ways to enjoy a gorgeous lobster roll, after the cut:

Luke’s Lobster 

One of the best lobster rolls in the city come from our friends at Luke’s Lobster. The meat is so fresh, you can trust you’ll be tasting the best of Maine, with a clean conscience. Just think of a New England-style split-top burn buttered and lightly toasted, filled with chilled seafood meat. Did we mention it’s covered in melted butter, and lightly sprinkled with Luke Lobster’s secret spices? It’s awesome, and will be the perfect thing to serve at any party! Folks in D.C., you’re in luck. Luke’s Lobster is also available where you are!

Jacques Pepin’s Lobster Roll

Photo via: Saveur Magazine

Photo via: Saveur Magazine

If you’re feeling really fancy, get with French master Jacques Pepin’s European twist on the New England’s classic lobster roll. You won’t find mayo in this dish, just some love from warm butter and lots of fresh tarragon. Saveur Magazine adapted the lobster roll recipe from Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home here!

Mini Lobster Rolls 

The mini lobster rolls by Smitten Kitchen is so cute, it might be the thing you need for a small gathering. What’s the secret to an lobster roll? Fresh seafood, and lack of clutter. Don’t overpower anything, just let chunks of lobster meat do the work! The last thing you want is to hide the incredible taste. You’ll also need a buttery, toasted bun as a vessel for the freshness. Happy eating, everyone!

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