Celebrate National Mint Julep Day


Photo: Margaret Houston via Garden and Gun

It’s Mint Julep Day! The mint julep has been around since the 1800s, thanks to Kentucky Senator Henry Clay. The Kentucky Derby may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take pleasure in this summer cocktail! Whip up this refreshing drink, serve in a silver or pewter cup filled with shaved ice and enjoy your laid back weekend. Quick Tip: Hold the drinks only by the bottom and top edges of the silver or pewter cups, as it allows the frost to form on the outside of the cup.

We’ve got three awesome recipes for you to try out, after the cut:

Classic Mint Julep 

Bring back the glory of the Roaring Twenties with a classic mint julep recipe. We also love the nod to The Great Gatsby, thanks to Daisy Buchanan, a Kentucky native who also adored mint juleps. Time for another Great Gatsby theme party!

You’ll need bourbon, sugar, crushed ice, water and fresh mint leaves. Quick Tip: Lightly “bruise” the mint before adding the other ingredients as this will release the herb’s aroma and flavor. Get full instructions here. 

Frozen Mint Julep

Want a twist to the classic recipe? Go with this citrusy mint sorbet for the best frozen cocktail to serve your guests! Make them ahead of time and scoop ’em up when all your guests arrive. Don’t forget to chill and freeze a few hours before you serve. This is the perfect boozy dessert, and it’s worth the effort. Get your recipe here!

Virgin Mint Julep

We haven’t forgotten friends and guests who aren’t into boozy drinks! Let them in on the fun with a virgin mint julep, which is equally as delicious. You’ll need two lemons, a touch of ginger, sugar, water, crushed ice and of course, fresh mint leaves. It’s so simple to make, and it’s kid-friendly too! Full instructions here.

See you outside!

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