Gear Up for the Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale!


Photo courtesy of: HBO

Photo courtesy of: HBO

It’s official: Winter is definitely coming, and Game of Thrones season 5 is coming a close. While we anticipate the coming season (is it 2016 yet?), we celebrate the season 5 finale with GoT-inspired food and drink!

Make the season last a little longer, with a little help from our friends. Check it out, below:

“Oysters, clams and cockles!” 

Who can forget Arya Stark as Lanna, peddling a food cart selling oysters, clams and cockles down at the Braavos canal? There’s no way to escape her irresistible chant, so get down with some oysters yourself. Arrange for an oyster party in honor of your (favorite) Stark! You can’t get any better than our friends at Brooklyn Oyster Party, where they will equip you with a raw bar, oysters and all the necessary accouterments to get the oyster party started! We promise you, their East Coast oyster selection will be the ultimate highlight.

Medieval Dornish Cream Cakes

Trust in the official Game of Thrones food blog, The Inn at the Crossroads, to furnish us with deliciously addictive bite-sized tart recipe! What’s not to love about a sweet crust, and custard filling? It’s a gorgeous, rich dessert that everyone will be fighting over. Quick Tip: A pinch of saffron for the pastry will add to the decadence of the dessert!

The Tyrion-tini 

We’re sure everyone fanned themselves when Tyrion finally meets Mother of Dragons, Daenerys. Tyrion’s been through a lot this past two seasons, so send some love his way with a cocktail inspired by his awesome self, thanks to Spirits of Westeros!



Valar Dohaeris!


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