Happy Father’s Day!


It’s officially summer, and it’s also Father’s Day! Celebrate the main man (or awesome single mom!) in your life, with some quality time. What’s quality time without good ‘ol food and drink?

We’ve got awesome ideas on what to serve dad this weekend:

Barbecue Spread from Hill Country Barbecue Market 

Most dads we know love meat, and barbecue is the way to go. Our vendor, Hill Country Barbecue Market knows how sacred barbecue is! Taking its cue from the legendary meat markets turned barbecue joints of Central Texas, you’re sure to get freshly cooked meat with their distinctive, dry-rub style. We’re talking brisket, sausage, ribs and other meats smoked low and slow over Texas post oak, in their custom meat-smoking room. Top off with sides such as campfire baked beans with burnt ends, and Longhorn cheddar mac & cheese! Dad will be so happy.

Chicken Wings from Spread Your Wings NYC

How else to please Dad this Father’s Day? An awesome plate of chicken wings! Spread Your Wings is a gourmet, guilt-free way to treat Dad, as their home style baked wings will do the job without the all the greasiness. Do your bit for charity too, as all sales of their awesome chicken wings are donated to the Heather on Earth Music Foundation, which funds full time music therapy programs in children’s hospitals. You’re feeding your old man, and you’re doing good. Father’s Day for the win!

Vietnamese Summer Rolls with Shrimp and Peach

Dad is all about seafood? Serve him something light and breezy this summer weekend, with this easy no cook recipe! This Vietnamese spring roll is filled with shrimps gently marinated in lime-sesame marinade, along with peaches, cucumber and radishes. Don’t forget about crunchy herbs like basil, mint, chives and cilantro for the gorgeous fragrance. Dad will be so pleased you made this with your bare hands!

The Perfect Gin and Tonic 

Serve Dad something cool and refreshing after his awesome meals. Make the perfect gin and tonic, with Drizzle and Dip’s help! It’s all the harmonious blend of elements. Start with the best tasting gin you can afford, with ice-cold and freshly opened tonic. Make tonic water ice cubes to prevent the drink from being watered down. When it comes to the citrus, the recipe calls for lime. If possible, pick the fruit off the tree just before serving! Then, it’s about the pouring. Use the fat glass for a less sweet, but stronger gin and tonic.

Happy Father’s Day!


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