Awesome Ice Cream Flavors You Need to Try Today


Photo: Emily Tan via Village Voice

The heat is real outside! Get refreshed with an icy, cool treat that is sure to make your weekend. We’ve got a few ice cream flavors you have got to try. It’ll blow your mind, for sure!

Signature Flavors from Alchemy Creamery 

What we love more than ice cream, is when we know what we’re enjoying is good for us! Trust in Alchemy Creamery, for a delectable array of vegan, dairy and gluten-free signature flavors. We’re talking hand selected fruits, veggies and teas to deliver only the best to you. We’re all about their Salted Peanut Butter, which goes with chocolate, obviously. We also love Chocolate Chai ice cream, which is their best seller!

Prosciutto Ice Cream

If you’ve never heard of prosciutto ice cream, know that New York Times wrote a lengthy piece about the wonders of this surprising ice cream flavor. If you’re around San Francisco, Humphry Slocombe‘s got the flavor for you! If you’re thinking you’ll be getting bits of dry-cured ham in your ice cream, guess again. It’s all about the prosciutto’s essence in the glorious, silky ice cream!

Banana Pudding Custard 

What something cool and tantalizing? The Dairy Godmother in Virginia specializes in Wisconsin-style frozen custard. Genuine frozen custard has at least 1.4% egg yolk (pasteurized) and at least 10% milk fat, and is made in a special machine created for producing frozen custard only.  Their banana pudding custard is pretty out of this world, with the soft marshmallow topping that is sure to cure any coming-Monday blues!

Happy tasting, folks!



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