What to Serve at a #SharkWeek Viewing Party

It’s time for Shark Week! It’s another week’s worth of new programming celebrating the ocean’s top predators, so fluff your pillows and call a few friends over. Host a mini Shark Week viewing party!

Catch up and watch these shows the best way, with shark-inspired eats and treats! Come on in:

Shark Cupcakes 

Stretch out on the sofa with your buds, and watch Shark Week with the help of these babies! These shark cupcakes are one part adorable, and one part gory once you bite into them. We love it!

Quick Tip: To mimic the choppy waves of the ocean, slather the cupcakes with frosting. Then, take a knife and dip in more frosting, before quickly lifting until it resembles the waves. It’s so fun! Full recipe here.

The Great White Shark Week Cocktail 

What do you get when you mix Smirnoff Ice, Curacao and some refreshing lemon together? A really awesome, Shark Week worthy cocktail! This cocktail is bright, and really tasty so make a batch before settling on the couch. Full recipe here. 

Add some shark-shaped gummies by dropping them at the bottom of the glass before serving. Not into making or adding gummies? Look out for this shark fins ice cube tray. It’s awesome, and will tickle your guests!

Tuck Shop’s Pies 

Photo: Tuck Shop

Photo: Tuck Shop

If you want a truly authentic Shark Week viewing party, you might need to include raw fish or a seal. Since we love seals, we suggest something less difficult to consume! Look no further than our vendor, Tuck Shop. These guys are from Australia, so you know they know a thing or two about sharks. They even have a shark on the ceiling of their shop!

Go with the Traditional Meat Pie, with rich, moist beef filling wrapped in a flaky crust. Vegetarians can go with the veggie roll, with chickpeas and mushrooms as the sausage substitute. It’s all fresh, and made with natural ingredients! We think our shark buddies might approve of these yummy pies.

Happy viewing, folks!


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