Celebrate National French Fries Day This July 13

Celebrate National French Fries Day this 13 July! What better way to celebrate the coming weekend (or week ahead) with feel-good comfort food. It’s versatile too, and can be enjoyed in a hundred different ways!

French fries don’t come from France, and sources suggest it came from Belgium. Shoutout to Belgium and Netherlands, who make seriously simple but amazing frites!

We’ve got some awesome fries right here at home as well, which you can check out after the cut:

The Brindle Room’s Steakhouse Burger with Fries 

What’s an irresistible side of fries without the classic combo of a really good burger? Our friends at The Brindle Room have this yummy combo, called Sebastian’s Steakhouse Burger. Just think of prime aged beef trimmings and deckle. This is some premium dry aged meat you’ll be served! The fries come in a huge portion, and is cut to resemble British chips than the thin fries we’re used to. It’s got the deep, golden color with a crisp crust and a flaky interior. Let the good times roll!

U.B. Dogs’s French Fries 

If you’re in Chicago, check out our buds at U.B. Dogs! They know the importance of fresh ingredients, so every morning you know they’ll be preparing your French fries right. They start by slicing Idaho Russets before frying and dusting the French fries with sea salt. Don’t forget about their homemade aioli too. So scrumptious, so addictive!

Homemade Baked Truffle Fries 

Want something along the lines of the French bistro style fries? You won’t go wrong with truffle fries! You can peel and cut the Idaho Russet potatoes, or use frozen fries. It all depends if you have the time and patience. Bake the fries and layer with herbs such as thyme, and freshly grated Parmesan. Don’t forget to drizzle with truffle oil! When it’s finished baking, drizzle some more oil, sprinkle sea salt and pile on more of the cheese. You’re done! Full recipe here. 

Happy celebrating this amazing snack, folks!


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