Eid Mubarak, Folks!


Photo: Al-Kanz

They’ve looked for the crescent moon, and it’s official: Eid al-Fitr will be celebrated this Friday, 17 July to mark the end of the fasting month of Ramadan!

To celebrate this joyous occasion, be inspired by our Muslim friends and go all out with yummy food and sweet treats! Check it out:

All About That Halal Food

Muslims are a diverse lot, so it’s about their specific cultures that determines the food. The most important thing is that the food must be halal (also spelled as halaal). What’s halal? It’s an Arabic word meaning lawful or permitted. There are certain conditions that must be met for it to be considered halal. The animal must be herbivorous, slaughtered humanely, and have the name of God pronounced over the animal at the time of slaughter. Oh, and no pork either!

Chal Chilli’s Basil Fried Rice 

There’s an abundance of Thai restaurants in the city, but our friends at Chal Chilli is unique! We’re talking traditional Thai dishes that are presented with modern ideas. The medley of South Asian spices will definitely spark your tastebuds! Asian Muslims (all Asians, honestly!) can’t live without rice, so start the day with Basil Fried Rice. Prepared with lots of onions, fresh chilli and fresh basil, it’s the perfect vessel for all the dishes you’ll be eating as well.

Chal Chilli’s Mango Chicken 

Chal Chilli is all about the eclectic mix of South Asian and Thai fusion food, and the Mango Chicken is no exception! It’s stir fried chicken prepared with mango, lime juice, chilli with the help of the crunchiness of cashews. All these complex flavors come together beautifully in this dish. That’s what Eid al-Fitr celebrations are really about!

Chicken Satay and Peanut Sauce 

Call it kebab, or satay, or meat on the stick. Either way you call it, it’s delicious! Make a satay party for a group of friends (or for one, we won’t judge) with this awesome satay and peanut sauce recipe. Remember to marinade your chicken before grilling, or in this case, baking your meat. Yes, you read right!

Don’t forget about the incredible peanut sauce as the perfect dip for your chicken satay. Make a huge batch, because your guests will be very generous with their servings! Full recipe here.

Nutella Baklava

Photo: Papa Kebab

Photo: Papa Kebab

Think about indulging in flavorful dishes of Mediterranean and Middle East, and you’ll be looking for the ultimate sweet treat. It’s the sticky, super sweet goodness of the baklava! Papa Kebab takes it one step further with the Nutella Baklava. Just think of layer upon layer of Nutella, instead of honey to bring all the phyllo dough together! It’s heavenly as traditional baklava, but this Nutella baklava is a game changer.

Eid Mubarak (or a Blessed Eid), folks!

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