Did You Smell That: The Importance of The Right Scent at Your Event

Photo via: Planning It All

Photo via: Planning It All

When planning events or parties, the first concerns always include the venue, the catering, and elements that make your event stand out. A successful, and thoughtful event is one that understands the importance of little details can affect the overall impression.

When guests or attendees enter your event space, how the space is set up and smells make a big difference! Smell is the strongest of the senses, and definitely influences brain activity. It’s not as easy as spritzing a little perfume in the air, but abut knowing what will work in your event area.

We’ve got a quick guide to help incorporate the right scent for your event:

Where to begin 

Think about your event space, and what you want to achieve. The event space should feel welcoming, so incorporate a fresh fragrance in the air. Invest in a diffuser and go for citrus, green, floral or woody scents. Remember to choose scents that won’t overwhelm, and be mindful of potential allergies!

Choose the right scent 

Citrus scents such as lemon can help promote concentration, and has calming properties that can help combat anxiety. If it’s a brainstorming session,try peppermint. It’s an energy booster, and can help to invigorate the mind, and stimulate clear thinking. How’s that for a welcoming event space?

Know what’s appropriate 

Don’t forget about the restrooms! Use a diffuser in the background, or a room spray for emergencies. Flowery, spicy or musky scents work best here.

For the dining area, be wary of overpowering scents as it will mask the aromas and flavours of the food. Your guests deserve to enjoy the delicious smell of food! Once again, a diffuser can create the right level of fragrance in the background. Here, you can go for woody or floral fragrances.

Identify the type of product to use 

Depending on the scale of your event, you can choose to use a plug-in wallflower, where it regularly releases the fragrance into the room. You can also diffusers! If you’re planning to incorporate scent and decor in one, go with candles. Not only does it provide a pleasant smell, it also creates a special ambience. If the venue doesn’t allow for candles, room sprays can be useful. Just note that it is only effective for a short period of time, and it might look awkward if you had to re-spritz in the middle of the event.

Test, test, test 

Once you’ve decided on the right scent, always do a smelling test so that you can note how much is too little, or too much! If you’re using candles, make sure you check for burn time and drip patterns. Each candle is different, and might drip out of the container you’ve provided. Last thing you want is wax dripping onto a table, or someone’s food!

Quick Tip: Before lighting a candle, be sure to trim the wick to remove any charred portion, which can cause smoking. You don’t want to cause panic!

When the event space looks inviting and smells pleasant, your guests are definitely going to have a great time!


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