Best Ice Cream Mash Ups


Take all the opportunities with the warm weather outside, and indulge in icy treats. Except, take it one step further, and go with an ice cream mash up that will turn your week upside down.. In a good way!

Food mash ups aren’t going anywhere, so serving them for a weekend gathering or office party will definitely hit the spot. Get your fix, after the cut:

Eight Turn Crêpe Dessert Crêpes 

The good folks at Eight Turn Crêpe understand the importance of a rich, strong and pliable crêpe! It can be filled with a tasty salad, or a portable dinner treat. We love the crêpes filled with dreamy ingredients such as summer fresh fruit, whipped yogurt and the right amount of ice cream, of course! Every crêpe is wheat-free, and their carefully sourced ingredients make these crêpes light on your conscience as well as your figure. What’s not to love about a thin layer of pancake + ice cream?

Ice Cream Loti/Roti 

Photo: Todd Coleman via Saveur

Photo: Todd Coleman via Saveur

Loti/Roti means bread in Malay, so transport yourself to the streets of Singapore with this Singaporean ice cream sandwich! Typically this sweet street snack comes in an array of colors and flavors, so set up an ice cream station at your party and let your guests go crazy with their choice of flavors! Get your ice cream sandwich on here.

Ice Cream Mash Up Ideas

The possibilities are endless when making an ice cream mash up! Instead of mashing up different textures and types of foods, mash up the flavors instead. Think of brownie chunks and caramel corn in vanilla ice cream or cheddar-flavored crackers and apple pie filling. Just remember to put your vanilla ice cream out to reach room temperature so it’s easier to add these flavors in. Get more ideas here.

Happy indulging, folks!

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