Fix It Quick: The Importance of a Party or Event Emergency Kit

Photo: QC Events

Photo: QC Events

It’s inevitable to run into unexpected emergencies in any event or party planning. There’s no running away from it, no matter how much you prepare! This is why it’s important to have a party or event emergency kit that will definitely come in handy.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just Grandpa’s birthday bash, or a huge networking event. Having this kit can help to ease whatever challenges that may pop up! Check out what you’ll need to make your own party or event emergency kit:

1. The Basics 
You’ll never know when an extra marker, or a bunch of pens will come in handy. Don’t forget duct tapes, or even extra wires! You might also need to pack a sewing kit, and additional batteries. Often times, these are the items you won’t even know you need!

2.   Technology 
Almost every event or party these days will require some form of computer or phone use. When you’re running around keeping things together, you might lose crucial phone battery juice. This is why you’ll need a power bank, to help you charge your phone as you’re on the go. Don’t forget additional USB cables, you’ll never know when it might die on you.

3.    Documents 
You can go paperless, or keep one printed copy with you at all times. We’re talking contact numbers in one list, including your team members, vendors, and venue contact person. You will never know when you’ll need to ring someone up, especially when there’s a power outage at your event space! You’ll also need a copy of the Sequence of Events, or timeline so you know you’re on track. Quick Tip: Print out a copy of dietary restrictions, including severe allergies of guests and alert everyone. It’s a quick reference document that can definitely save everyone from panic.

4.    Miscellaneous Items
You’ll be surprised how the small items can make a big impact on your event or party planning process! It’s all about elements to bring everything together. Keep a healthy supply of tissues, pain killers and a proper First Aids kit, of course. Chewing gum might not look professional, so breath mints is great for fresh breath, which is a must! Don’t forget to have some cash in hand, because chances are there are emergency items you’ll need that you cannot charge on your card. You might also want to keep a few energy bars around you, just in case you get hungry and you can’t “taste” what your caterer is preparing. Event and party planners need to eat too!

Trust us, and get these items to be placed in a toolbox. Even if you might not use all of these items during your event, you’ll be more confident knowing you’re better prepared!

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