Labor Day Party Ideas: Backyard Barbecue Bites!

Whether it’s an office gathering, or a party or four, celebrate this Labor Day weekend with a little inspiration from your backyard (or your dream backyard!).

We’ve got a few awesome dishes you should serve your guests, and will make them come back for seconds:

Sweet Cola Ribs

What’s a barbecue inspired spread without good ‘ol ribs? The dry rub will infuse a punch of flavors after 12 hours of marinating, and the cola will provide unexpected sweetness! Just remember to remove the fatty membrane from the ribs before cooking, and glaze ’em to sweet perfection at the end of the grill time. The end result is deliciously tender ribs! Recipe here. 

Wingo’s Chicken Wings & Things 

Photo: Thrillist

Photo: Thrillist

If you’re in D.C., get your chicken wings fix with our buds at Wingo’s! Go to the very best for your party’s dose of chicken wings, which are served with cool bleu cheese or ranch dressing. Sauces for the wings also includes BBQ honey, garlic parmesan to crazy awesome flavors such as Nuclear and Suicidal! Get some milk ready to cool your mouth, it will be fire!

Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter Fried Chicken

What’s a party without a little love from fried chicken? Bobwhite Counter is all about making seasonal, responsible food that you can enjoy. Do away with the stress in the kitchen and call on them for a serving of that good Southern-style fried chicken! Everyone will be fighting for seconds, or thirds.

Grilled Corn on the Cob with Lime and Parmesan

What’s the best way to wash all the grease and heat, than with hot steamy corn on the cob. Slathered with lots or melted butter, and sprinkled with salt and chilli pepper if you’re game. Kick it up a notch with lots of Parmesan grated on the cob, with seasoned cream that includes Japanese Kewpie mayo. If you don’t know, then it’s time you find out how amazingly addictive Japanese mayo really is! Get your recipe here. 

Happy preparing for Labor Day, folks!


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