#MeatlessMondays: Healthy and Hearty Meals to Fill Up Your Day

Photo: Anna Malskaya via Chekmark Eats

Photo: Anna Malskaya via Chekmark Eats

If you had a crazy weekend, and want to start fresh and clean, you won’t go wrong by being part of the #MeatlessMonday movement! We’ve got all the ways you can enjoy a hearty, healthy meal that won’t break your bank. It’s also perfect for any sort of gathering, whether at work or at home.

Check it out, after the cut:

Bombay Sandwich Co’s Gluten Free Bowl 

Trust in Bombay Sandwich Co, for a bowl filled fresh, seasonal ingredients that is entirely their own. Bowls are served with brown rice, kale-walnut pesto, apple-garlic pickle and a side of hot sauce. It’s all vegan, and gluten free! Go with the Chana Masala bowl, topped with “mom’s chickpea stew”, which is made with ginger, garlic, tomato, Indian gooseberry and fresh ground spices. It’s portable, delicious and it’s nutritious. What else do you need?

Saffron Quinoa over Roasted Veggies 

Photo: Hortus

Photo: Hortus

What’s not to love about a roasted veggie salad? It’s simple to put together, and it’s gorgeous to eat too. Roast carrots, fennel, onions, Radicchio and some Brussels sprouts with extra virgin olive oil and salt. Stir up some lentils and quinoa too, and use one of the best spices of all time, saffron! It’s luxurious, yes, but you deserve something to lift your Monday up! Remember, a little saffron goes a long way. Full recipe here. 

Soba Bowl

No time to whip something really special this Monday? Go on, and make a soba bowl. Soba noodles, or whole wheat spaghetti noodles, are perfect with the amazing coconut peanut sauce. You’ll only need 30 minutes to put this together! It’s super fresh and raw. Just think of a salad, but way better. We also love the use of edamame, chopped peanuts and sriracha for a dose of flavor! Full recipe here. 

Have a fulfilling Monday, folks!

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