Easy Steps to Minimizing Food Waste At Your Event

Any form of party or event planning, no matter how big or small, will always require additional arrangements, just in case there are more guests than accounted for. This almost always leads to food waste. Make food waste reduction a big part of your event cleanup, from the get go!

We’ve got a few ways you can help reduce food waste at your event:

Track and Review Your Attendance List
Sometimes all it takes is to look back at the attendance list of past events, which can help determine the type and quantities of food to order. There is always the danger of ordering too much, so do your best to confirm attendance. Also, resist the urge to refresh the buffet line or self-service stations as well. People tend to be overzealous, and might take more than they should! Let the food diminish slowly, then call for the service staff to refresh.

Reuse, Reuse, Reuse
It’s all about using reusable plates and flatwares! Choose serving ware and utensils that can be recycled, or composted. If possible, avoid packaging such as plastic bags, foil and wrappers. You could also set up hydration stations, and assign tumblers or designated cups for your guests instead of free-flow bottled water.

Pay Attention to the Seasons 
Here at Fiestah, we’re all about supporting local vendors! Choose the right vendors when it comes to event catering, especially those who are believe in maximizing the use of in-season ingredients and support sustainability initiatives. If possible, go vegetarian as it can be less resource-intensive than meat. Minimize your carbon footprints, folks!

Communication is Key
It can read as a cliché, but communication really does make a difference! Contact your guests or attendees, and re-confirm if they will be attending the event. If not, have them inform you in advance so you can reduce the amount of food waste. Believe us, it wouldn’t hurt to ask! You can also opt to share your event’s sustainability efforts with your attendees. You’ll be surprised how many people want to know how they are involved in food waste reduction efforts.

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