Celebrate International Coffee Day!

Today is the first official International Coffee Day! This 1 October, celebrate the awesomeness of coffee and rejoice in its existence. We don’t know about you, but we can’t imagine a day without coffee. Check out some of our vendors, and ways you can enjoy your favourite cuppa today:


We’re all about supporting our local neighborhoods, and that’s exactly what Pushcart Coffee represents. For them, it’s the unique chemistry of their staff, customers, local vendors and their neighborhoods that adds up to be the perfect space to celebrate the versatility of really good coffee. What are you waiting for? Call on them to deliver great coffee to your office!

What goes really well with coffee? Doughnuts, of course! Have the best of both worlds at Doughnut Plant, where you’re sure to get the best ingredients available in your servings. Same goes for their coffee! They offer options from multiple roasters, so you can choose what floats your boat.


Happy Coffee Day, folks. Drink up!

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