It’s National Noodle Day, Folks!

October 6 is not just any date, it’s a celebration of noodles. National Noodle Day isn’t just about your favorite thin strips of dough, it’s all about all the ways to enjoy and cherish its versatility, and various shapes and sizes. Noodles are perfect for every occasion, from your wedding to an office gathering!

We round up a few of our favorites:

Noodle Lane


Photo: Noodle Lane

Look no further than Noodle Lane for Sichuan style cooking, for its bold, sweet, sour, salty and tongue-numbing flavors! Their Dan Dan Noodles are egg noodles with savory sauce and chili oil, topped with sautéed minced pork, Sichuan preserved vegetable, bean sprouts, and scallions. It’s an explosion of flavor. Food tastes so good when done right!

Wild Ginger

Want a vegan option? Go with Wild Ginger, where no meat, eggs, or dairy products are used. – Based on traditional Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, and South Asian influences, Wild Ginger will sure to impress! Check out their Mekong Noodle Salad Bowl. It’s Seitan, Shitake, rice vermicelli, mixed greens mixed with peanut garnish and sweet, light Nuoc Cham sauce (that’s Vietnamese dipping sauce!). Fresh, and good!

Gaia Italian Cafe 


Photo: Joe Kohen for Wall Street Journal 

Look no further than Gaia Italian Cafe for simple food done right, and tastes absolutely incredible thanks to good ingredients! We’re all for her Northern Italian lasagna, because lasagna is totally part of the noodle family. Just think of lasagna with bechamel, meat sauce, rosemary and black pepper or a white lasagna with buffalo ricotta and pesto sauce. The sauces totally complement the tender and perfectly cooked noodles!


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