Enjoy National Dessert Day At Work!

It’s Wednesday, and it’s also National Dessert Day! Every October 14 sees the opportunity to indulge in a sweet, yummy ending to a meal. As if we need another reason to have dessert!

Go ahead and make that call, and treat everyone in the office. If you’re about to round everybody up for a quick networking session, let them know what day today is! Who says dessert can’t be served first?

Brooklyn Sweet Spot 

Trust in Brooklyn Sweet Spot as one of the most chic destinations in Brooklyn to offer a variety of amazing cupcakes, with use of imported and domestic fruits and liqueurs. Brooklyn Sweet Spot offers CakeJoy’s famous cupcake flavors along with their red velvet cheesecakes, on top of pies, tarts and brownies, among others!

Sprinkles New York

Look no further to indulge in desserts, you have Sprinkles New York! The folks behind Sprinkles first started in Beverly Hills, and has since sold millions of red velvet cupcakes. You read right! No networking session or party is complete without this gorgeous red cake, so grab yours today. 

Nutella Dumplings 

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Have a party coming up and want to expand National Dessert Day into the weekend? Take a minute and enjoy Nutella dumplings! Check out how to make ’em here. 

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