Catering Trends You Need To Get With Right Now

Planning the food and drink menu for any event, whether for business or personal, can be daunting. What is the appropriate amount of food to serve? Most importantly, what to serve guests and attendees with complex palates?

We have a quick list of catering trends that is a sure-fire hit with your guests, after the cut:

  1. Mix & Match Shots and Bites 
    One of the top trends of 2015 is coupling micro cocktails with matching mini appetizers, one of the top trends of 2015. This way, your guests can sample all the food you’ve got to offer, without having to worry about waste. You could work with your caterer on mixing and matching the type of flavours and alcohol to use! The possibilities are endless.
  2. Pickled and Smoked Flavors 
    Asian flavors are known for its complex flavors, with different methods to entice eaters. Korean food is all about the complexity, with the fermented kimchee. There are so many ways to prepare the kimchee, with many ingredients to play around to provide the texture and taste you want. It’s a tedious process, but it only adds to the incredible flavors you’ll be getting. Marry these pickled and smoked ingredients with Western flavors for an awesome fusion meal that your guests will enjoy!
  3. Light Foods, Please 
    Big flavors are still achievable, even if the dish is lighter or healthier! Serve fish and vegetables without all the excess cream and butter. There are many catering companies and personal chefs who can cater to this, choosing to focus on coaxing out big flavors via braising vegetables, with fresh stocks and pureed ingredients to substitute heavy thickening agents such as roux. You want to feed your guests, not have them crawl to the train station!
  4. The Best Protein Options 
    Sustainable isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a way of life! Sustainable seafood is here to stay, and provides a healthier option for your guests. We love the sushi option, as it’s the perfect marriage of all types of protein and carbs. It’s satisfying as well! Organic meat is also becoming a preferred option by caterers and vendors, so source for the right fit and work closely with them so you’ll be serving nothing but the best for your guests and attendees. 
  5. Signature Drinks
    If you’re planning an after-work gathering, or just a casual mixer to gather contacts, work on something special to set your event apart from the rest! Accommodate a budget for signature drinks, as welcome beverages for your guests to enjoy. We promise you, it’ll be worth it! Choose the right vendors, of bartenders and mixologists who can definitely make this happen for you.

At the end of the day, it’s all about collaborating with your vendors. Check out our list of vendors who will definitely be able to cater to whatever you need!

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