How to Throw The Best Mixer in Town


Want to plan for networking opportunities outside the office, but don’t know where to start? We got all the top tips for a successful mixer!

A mixer is a great way to mix and mingle, enjoy food and drink as well as to exchange business cards! You’ll never know who you will strike a conversation with. What’s really important in making a mixer happen is to make sure you set the stage right.

  1. Plan the mixer at least eight weeks in advance! It’s important to have enough time to book everything, and to get people to join the mixer.
  2. Where you host the mixer counts. If you’re a business, and you have an office large enough to hold the mixer, throw it in the office! Get better exposure for your business, and save on costs to hold at a restaurant or event space.
  3. Work with associate companies, or accommodate on a budget if possible, for door prizes. If not, work on a photo booth and let guests bring home pictures as a reminder of your mixer! Yes, it’s a networking session, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun. It’s also a great way for guests to identify the people they meet at the mixer.
  4. It’s important to have hosts to greet guests when they arrive. This is to ensure their name tags are filled out properly, and they are eased into the event. Some people can get nervous or shy, so the hosts can help to make them comfortable! Taking care of your guests will definitely make them remember you, and your business.
  5. Conduct a short networking exercise, where you suggest for each guest to introduce themselves to people they haven’t met, or to source for folks in their similar work field. Be aware of your event space, and leave very little room to sit. Chairs are just going to encourage guests to get comfortable, and talk to the same people. That’s not the purpose of the mixer!
  6. Pay attention to what you’re serving! This is where our handy vendors come in, as they can help you identify what are the best foods and drinks to serve. Nobody wants garlic breath!
  7. Remember what’s the purpose of your mixer! Yes, it’s a less formal way of engaging and networking, but if there’s a lot of distractions that aren’t conducive to the session, then the mixer wouldn’t be successful. Eliminate long speeches or presentations, and come up with fun games that will encourage participation instead.

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