Easy Decorations: DIY Thanksgiving Hanging Garlands

Thanksgiving fever is upon us! Spruce up your home or workspace with DIY and budget-friendly decorations.

Check it out, after the cut:

DIY Thanksgiving Garland 

This pretty garland is so easy to make! Grab some twine and string through the cut up cardstock in black and white. Add on a gold scallop edge around each letter, before hanging the garland between two windows! Full instructions here. 

Thankgiving Blessings Catcher 

What can you do with a hula hoop? A huge dreamcatcher! Get neutral-colored yarn to wrap around the hula hoop. Cut up cardstock and write what you’re thankful for, before placing on top of the bakers twine. Get your full instructions here. 

Giant Wood Tags 

What an alternative to traditional wreaths? Go with giant wood tags! Paint your message of thanks before sealing with clear semi-gloss poly to protect from moisture. Add jute rope, and knot before hanging it up! Full instructions here. 


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