6 Ways For A Stress-Free Friendsgiving Dinner

Friendsgiving is an awesome Thanksgiving dinner alternative! Worried about the space or budget to throw a dinner party to replace a traditional feast? We’ve got a few tips on how to make it happen, and with little stress as possible:

You Still Have To Plan Ahead 
We know, it’s supposed to be casual and carefree! Whether it’s a party of ten, or an office Friendsgiving, it’s so important to plan in advance. Take at least seven days to plan your menu, buy your groceries and drinks, right down to simple decorations.

This Means Sending Out Invites Early! 
You don’t have time for something old school like snail mail, so use Facebook or Evite to send out invitations. Most importantly, follow up with your invited guests! Don’t assume a no reply is a no show, so it’s best to double confirm before you make a final tally. Quick Tip: It’s best to keep the guest list small, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Delegate The Responsibilities 
Once you’ve confirmed your guest list, do take into consideration when friends ask if they can help. Potluck is the way to go, to ease stress and lessen the burden of a overblown budget. Get one friend to bring the wine, another to bring the bird, and others for desserts and side dishes. Start a quick email thread to check who’s bringing what, so you don’t have a weird mash of foods or the same dishes!

Check On Dietary Needs
Here at Fiestah, we understand the importance of everyone’s dietary needs! There might be friends who are allergic to specific foods, or have specific diets they adhere to. Ask ahead of time, so you can do your best to accommodate. We also recommend labeling everything, from the dishes to your kitchen drawers so guests can help themselves to additional cutleries.

It’s All In The Details
If you have budget constraints, or simply don’t have time to be a Pinterest-styled example of a Friendsgiving dinner, keep in mind it’s all about the little details that will brighten the celebration. Seasonal touches such as mini pumpkins, or even cinnamon sticks as part of your table setting is a great way to dress the table up! Personalized gestures such as name place cards will show your friends how much you care. It’s so worth it!

Minimize The Mess
It’s Friendsgiving, everyone should be chipping in to clean up! Initiate the clean up between dinner and dessert so everyone can help out. It’ll be done in no time, we promise.

You could also use seasonal paper plates and cups that can be tossed after the dinner. Remember to keep additional trash bags at bay so you can clean as you go!

What are some of your tips for a stress-free dinner?


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