Host and Celebrate “Friendsgiving” This Year!

Not planning to head home, or not up to deal with difficult family members this year? Friendsgiving is the ideal Thanksgiving dinner alternative! We love the idea of Friendsgiving. It’s a far cry from the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. It’s communal, and casual. It’s also less strain on your pockets!

We were inspired by Lauren Ledbetter‘s amazing Friendsgiving party, with use of the great outdoors and an awesome casual vibe. Check out what we love, after the cut:

Friendsgiving Set Up

As we mentioned earlier, Friendsgiving is all about comfort and fun without all the fuss. It’s also budget-friendly, so work outdoors if you can. A rooftop dinner will also be a great location to host a casual affair.


It’s all about the rustic look! Pick out flowers and twines, play around with tree branches and string fairy lights. Don’t forget about the candles, which is the perfect way to create a cozy ambiance.

Look Away From Your Phone! 

We really love the idea of dropping your phone off in a box, and collecting a drink in the process. Friendsgiving is about spending time with friends and loved ones, you can skip the social media updates for an hour or two. It will still be a gorgeous Friendsgiving, even if you upload something a few hours later!

Serve Something Other Than Turkey

We know, turkey is the ultimate holiday bird to serve. Make it light and casual by serving something less fussy, but no less hearty. Ease the stress of preparing the food by calling on one of our vendors to do the work for you. Delicious Endings is a full-service catering company that promises to engage your appetite with ingredient-driven, health-focused global gourmet cuisine.

Do it differently this Friendsgiving with their grilled lamb chop with red wine lamb sauce, with tricolor couscous salad cherry tomatoes raisins baby mozzarella and salad of baby kale spinach arugula with tricolor sweet peppers!

Thanks for Coming! 

All good things must end, but this doesn’t mean the food party can’t go home with your guests! Check Pizzazzerie out for free printables to jazz up your Thanksgiving Leftover kit. It’s all about that extra special touch that will let them know it’s not just a celebration to give thanks, but to give thanks and appreciation for their friendship.

What are some of your ideas for the perfect Friendsgiving?

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