Host an Asian-Inspired Thanksgiving!

Photo: Marcus Nillson

Photo: Marcus Nilsson

We all know about the traditional Thanksgiving feast, of turkey and mashed potatoes. However, there are some of us with less traditional dishes to serve and enjoy, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less special or meaningful!

Find out what to serve for a Thanksgiving from the East:

Candied Mandarin Oranges with Cranberries 


Photo: Marcus Nilsson via Bon Appétit 

Yes, it sounds as good as it looks! Broil peeled oranges until browned in spots. Then, heat cranberries until they are soft and begin to burst. The fruits can be made at least 2 hours ahead, so that it stands at room temperature. Instructions here. 

Mixed Greens With Toasted Coconut, Chili, Lime Zest & Asian Meatballs 


Photo: No. 75

Want an alternative to the huge big bird roasting in the oven? Go with this gorgeous salad! It’s a super fresh stir-fry that is super filling on its own so if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, the greens are all you need! It’s gluten and dairy free too, so it’s perfect for all. Full recipe here. 

Red Bamboo’s Vegan Popcorn Shrimps 

Photo: Red Bamboo

Photo: Red Bamboo

If you’re about to commit to the vegan and vegetarian friendly foods, then look no further than our awesome vendor, Red Bamboo! They make their own soy protein, impersonating meat and poultry. You won’t miss the difference. Go with their vegan popcorn shrimp appetizer, which comes with a spicy mayo dip. It’s the perfect bite-sized snack to start off any Thanksgiving feast.

Asian-Inspired Turkey 

Photo: Marcus Nilsson

Photo: Marcus Nilsson via Bon Appétit

Serve the big bird, but with an Asian twist thanks to the gorgeous spices! It’s a cider-brined turkey with star anise and cinnamon, packed with an abundance of flavor that is sure to please everyone at the table. Full instructions here. 
Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

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