How To Be The Perfect Guest At Any Holiday Party!

Photo: Christopher Testani via Bon Appetit

Photo: Christopher Testani via Bon Appétit

Christmas season is upon us, and you know what’s coming your way! We had a little taste of the grand feasts with Thanksgiving, but soon you’ll be heading on over again to your friends and family’s place. Be the kind of guest that folk will definitely want to invite when the next year rolls around!

Not sure how? We’ve got the quick list of ways you can be the perfect guest:

  1. Please Don’t Turn Up Empty Handed
    It’s tempting to take your host/hostess’s suggestion and not “bring anything”. Sure, they probably got the major dishes covered. This doesn’t mean you take heed and turn up with nothing! A bottle of wine, bunch of flowers, organic jams.. Bringing something with you just shows them you’re thoughtful, and that you want to extend gratitude for inviting you.
  2. Do Ask Your Host/Hostess What They Need
    Yes, we said bring something to the party. However, it’s important to check with your host/hostess if what you’re bringing is relevant, or if it goes with whatever they’ll be serving. If you’re planning to be bring wine, check with them what is their preference!
  3. When In Doubt, A Salad Will Do
    A salad is so easy to prepare, and it’s easy to transport too. Don’t bother your host/hostess with your need for the oven (if they even have an oven you can use, or that can be made available to you). Just remember to bring washed, dried greens in separate bags from your dressing and toppings. Ziplock your components, and store in the bowl you’ll serve in. Assemble just before serving. Your host/hostess will be pleased you got out of the way!
  4. Be Useful, Please
    Don’t just stand around and do nothing! The best part of any sort of party is the interaction, whether with the host or with the people around you. Ask if you could help out with anything, and make sure you offer to clean up after! Your host/hostess will be so happy for your presence.
  5. BYOC : Bring Your Own Container
    It’s simple: If there are a bunch of people over at the dinner party, and there’s a lot of food left, you might want to bring some home. Chances are, your host/hostess might not have enough containers or doggy packs for all of you. Bring your own! The easiest would be ziplock bags, which can also prevent gravy spillage.

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