December 21: Happy National Hamburger Day!


It’s December 21, and it’s time for another day to celebrate just before Christmas. It’s National Hamburger Day! The Internet tells us we have May 28 and July 28 to celebrate this special day, and we say, the more days, the merrier.

What else can we say about burgers? Whether it’s vegetarian or a meat fest, it’s the ultimate American food to enjoy on a daily basis. We’ve got our favorites, after the cut:

The Counter: Custom Built Burgers 

What’s better than a gloriously prepared burger? It’s a burger bar that can assemble it your way! At The Counter: Custom Built Burgers, you can always depend on them for a fresh take on grilled goodies. We love the BYOB Rainbow Burger, with hormone & antibiotic-free beef, savory Swiss cheese, carrot strings, sliced red onion, baby spinach, fresh grilled pineapple, oven roasted tomatoes, sliced radish and topped off with scallions. It’s a mouthful, and boy, what a gorgeous mouthful it will be!

When all else fails, you can also depend on these folks to understand all you need in life is a fantastic burger stacked with fries. All will be well!

The Ultimate Veggie Burger 

For our vegetarian friends, don’t fret! You can enjoy the perfect veggie burger that will rival any meat-based burger. Gourmandelle’s got the ultimate guide on how to make your very own veggie burger. We love the idea of using chickpeas as the base ingredient for a succulent, meat-like veggie burger!


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