DIY Decorations For An Awesome New Year’s Eve Party

We’re days away from the end of the year, so celebrate with a big bang! Whether it’s an office party, or an informal gathering at your place, there’s no reason why there shouldn’t be sparkle included. We have our three favorite DIY New Year’s Eve party decorations that you can get done in minutes:

Sequined Swizzle Sticks 
So you’ve got your cocktails done, and you want to dress your glasses up. Say hello to awesome disco swizzle sticks! They’re fairly inexpensive to make, and it’s worth all the effort to make them because you can encourage your guests to bring it home as a party favor (and hello, easy clean up!). Full directions here. 

Layered Crepe Paper Backdrop

Want a fairly dramatic backdrop to spice up the party space, or a makeshift photo booth to create fun pictures for everybody to remember? All it takes is a layered crepe paper installation that takes only twenty minutes to make. Full instructions here. 

Moon Piñata 

Photo: Oh Happy Day

Photo: Kate Nicholson for Oh Happy Day

Oh, what better way to start the New Year than with a moon piñata stuffed with all the sweet treats (or boozy sweets, whatever you desire!). If not, this piñata is also perfect as pretty decoration. Whatever floats your boat! Full instructions here. 

Happy decorating!

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