Bar Carts: The Ultimate Way to Jazz Up Your Holiday Party!

Photo: Decoist

Photo: Decoist

The holiday season isn’t over, until the big bang for New Year! In the spirit of hosting awesome parties and gathering, consider the one accessory in your home or party space that will definitely jazz things up. We’re talking about a bar cart, or as we call it, the Best Mobile Bar Ever.

What’s not to love? It’s a drink station, serving trolley and a great space to keep your alcohol! It’s functional, and it’s a great way to express yourself, with your choice of bar cart. Read on how to look and put together the ultimate holiday party decor that you can keep all year long!

Photo: Chairish

Photo: Chairish

What Kind of Bar Cart Do You Want?
Firstly, understand the kind of bar cart you wish to have in your space. Is this going to be swanky cart, or something homey and simple? When you’ve decided on its identity, you’ll be able to incorporate all the elements needed to make your vision a reality! What we will recommend is to scout for the right bar cart, don’t just settle! This is why we love Chairish, for their selection of vintage and used bar carts. You’ll find everything from antique brass carts, to the gently-loved modern ones. You’ll definitely be spoiled for choice!

When In Doubt, Go Vintage
We recommend really bringing your bar cart to life, and it’s going to excite your guests too. Look out for quirky pieces at the flea market, or adding pretty cookbooks, if you have the space. If you’re unsure of where to go with upgrading your bar cart, we suggest retro looking carts that you can find on Chairish! It’s glamorous, and will definitely be a real talking point during parties.

Organization is Key
It’s tempting to just choose the prettiest bar cart you can find, but it’s all about making sure you can divide your cart into sections. Dedicate each section to a specific essential, from bottles to stirrers, and even napkins! Getting organized with trays will be so much help to your guests as well.

Only the Best, Please 
It’s also very tempting to just shove everything on the cart, but the point is to showcase only the best. Everything from your ice bucket, to your shakers and even your bottles have to the ones you really want to exhibit. Less is always more, but remember to have basic tools and glassware on hand!

Parking Your Bar Cart
Consider where you’ll be placing your bar cart. It shouldn’t be in the middle of the party space, as we can definitely imagine someone knocking it over. Set up the bar cart at the corner of your space, so that there’s more room to move, and you’ll be providing an awesome spot for guests to walk over and pour a glass!

What are some of your ways to put together the ultimate bar cart for a holiday party?


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