Practical Tips on Hosting Your Own New Year’s Eve Do!

Photo: Berries

Photo: Berries

The New Year is upon us, and if you’re shaking in your boots about hosting a NYE do, we’re here to provide some quick tips!

Easy Decorations 
Don’t have time or the budget? Balloons are relatively inexpensive, or go the DIY route by making big poms poms!

Go Futuristic 
It’s cliche to say the future is silver and metallic. But then again, it’s so pretty and celebratory! Wrap your table aluminium foil. We know it sounds crazy, but it’s a great talking point and it can make cleaning so much easier. You’re welcome.

It’s All About Cocktails 
Setting up a drink station is awesome, but please don’t spend all night making drinks for your guests. Go with big batches of simple cocktails, so you’ll only have to refill the jugs or punch bowls. Remember, you deserve to have fun too!

Champagne, Please! 
Bubblies are the epitome of New Year’s celebrations, but bubblies can be really expensive! We recommend going with Prosecco, which is Italian white wine. You can also offer a champagne cocktail, such as a champagne sangria, which is just as yummy!

Hangover Kits, Because You’re A Good Friend
It’s inevitable, some of us are bound to drink more than we should and wake up with a horrendous hangover. Be the ultimate host and prep hangover kits as a party favor: such as bottled water, aspirin and wipes. If you’re really thoughtful, make a batch of Bloody Mary and put ’em in too!

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