In Celebration of David Bowie: Shepherd’s Pie Galore


As we mourn the death of an icon, we also celebrate David Bowie’s illustrious life. We take this moment to appreciate the transcendence in his art, and how it has brought light to us all.

With this, we also celebrate the one thing Bowie loved very much: the hearty pub classic, shepherd’s pie. It was said that he loved it so much, his wife Iman made it for him regularly! It was also the star of the David Bowie-themed restaurant in Japan, which was set up by his record label as part of a promotional campaign.

 Vegan Lentil Shepherd’s Pie with Parsnip and Potato Mash


Photo: Gena Hamshaw via Food52

As a salute to an absolute legend, we also want to keep with the New Year’s theme of eating better. What better way than to seek comfort in potato mash, with nutritious veggies as well? It’s really easy to make, and you can even prep the lentils and veggies a day in advance. It’s all about assembling after! Recipe here. 

DUB Pies: New York Shepherd’s Pie 


Photo: DUB Pies 

Trust in the good folks behind Down Under Bakery (DUB) Pies, the first specialty bakery to bring authentic New Zealand-Australian experience – the iconic meat pie – to New York City! Check out the British classic that is redesigned for New York, where you can find minced beef in a lovely thick gravy, and topped with irresistible mashed potato. No doubt about it, it’s the kind of Shepherd’s Pie that would make Bowie proud.

So crank up that music, eat a pie or five while you put on your red shoes and dance the blues!

Be free, Bowie.

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