Fiestah Picks: Health Food Trends of 2016


Photo: Daniel Gritzer via Serious Eats

Photo: Daniel Gritzer via Serious Eats

We can’t believe, it’s almost two weeks in 2016! While there are so many lists to check out on healthy food trends, we choose the three trends as predicted by top nutritionists that we believe shouldn’t ever go away:

What’s not to love about seaweed? These nutrient dense plants aren’t just rich in minerals, but contains glutamic acid to give a kick of flavour in your dish. That’s right: umami! Check out the gorgeous + healthy soba salad with seaweed, cucumbers and asparagus. Toss in a lemon-soy vinaigrette, and you’re ready! Full recipe here.

Bowl Serving, Please

Want to control your portion sizes, but don’t know how? Eating from a bowl is a great way to potentially help with weight loss! There might be trendy superfood-type bowls out there, but we love the signature Korean bibimbap (which literally means mixed rice). Also known as bibimbop, this bowl includes warm white rice topped with seasoned vegetables and a myriad of yummy pastes to add flavor. We love KuKu Canteen‘s bibimbop, served with tofu, which is the perfect way to eat clean and not compromise on taste!


Go healthy, with a punch of flavor your tongue might not be ready for! If the last few years saw the rise of the Sriracha, we’re looking the Southeast Asian spicy paste known as sambal to be this year’s champion! The best part of the sambal? There are a myriad of recipes that will produce different textures and taste, and you won’t have to gobble everything up. A little goes a long way! Also, spicy foods can aid with weight loss. We’re on board, for sure.

Check back with us, as we list our picks for global food trends. What are some of your top picks for going healthy this year?

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