Global Food Trends of 2016 To Look Out For

There’s nothing more we love than to look out for what’s gonna be in trend for the coming year. Not just any trends, but all the ways to better our culinary experience as well!

We pick some of our favorites for the 2016:

There’s a new raw fish dish to fawn over, and it’s poke! Pronounced as poke ay or poh key, this Hawaiian raw fish salad has begun to take over the West Coast right here in the States. What’s awesome about this dish? Mixing it up with various marinades, such as soy sauce, and even with mango and avocado. Make your very own, with this recipe. 

‘Jew-ish’ Cuisine

It’s a cheesy title, but stay with us! Much like Mexican or Chinese chefs mixing it up with inventive new dishes to savor, Jewish chefs are also bringing a fresh new twist to traditional Jewish cuisine. Check out our vendor, Simply Divine Kosher Catering, with their gorgeous take on Jewish dishes!

Fried Chicken Sandwiches 

When is fried chicken not ‘in’? Fried chicken will always be love, and when it’s wedged in between bread or biscuit? Heaven. Check out our vendor, Cheeky Sandwiches, who make crazy good sandwiches, thanks to crispy golden fried chicken and a superb biscuit bread. Add crunchy coleslaw, and some of that oozy gravy, and you’re on your way to an awesome party in your mouth. Don’t believe us? Let Buzzfeed tell you, it’s amazing and affordable!

What are some of your favorite 2016 food trend ideas?

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