Fiestah Picks: Event Trends of 2016

We’re stoked about all the new possibilities to better event planning, and event services for 2016! We choose some of our picks of expert predictions:

Bespoke Event Locations 
Event venues are great, especially when it comes logistics and amenities you need to rock an event. What we also love, are pop up locations, to create an amazing experience for consumers or guests, especially when its temporary! The pop up concept creates a one of a kind experience that can materialize in empty parking lots, rooftops or even warehouses. It’s definitely going to be an eye opener for your guests, and a perfect talking point.

Engaging Attendees
Many experts have said this before: If you’re planning an event, and it isn’t an immersive one, what is the purpose of your event? Take it up a step further by using technology to engage attendees and create a community, from beginning to end. It comes down to providing attendees with a unique experience, and it goes beyond the physical event they attend.

Go Local, People 
It’s very tempting to dismiss understanding how your choice of catering company actually work behind the scenes. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen more and more event planners gravitate towards urban food producers, and going local in order to support the communities around them. From meat, to beer, and even coffee, it’s all about sourcing locally! Check out our list of vendors definitely fit the bill.

What are some of your favorite predictions for 2016?

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