Must Have Super Bowl Foods

Super Bowl is upon us! Get your game day on, without the fuss and stress, with our top picks of Super Bowl Foods you need to serve:

Dan and John’s Wings

You need chicken wings for game day. It’s a must. You need legendary Buffalo chicken wings, from Dan and John’s Wings! Tossed and prepared, from mild flavor to insane, you’re in for a ride. The team is taking orders for Super Bowl now, so get on it before they run out! More details here.

Tacos, and More Tacos 

We can’t imagine game day without tacos to brighten things up. Go with our friends at Dorado Tacos & Quesadillas, who will knock your socks off with their innovative approach to Mexican street food. Check out their Baja California-style fish & shrimp tacos, or go with their Taco Feasts, which includes all the things you need to make your own dream tacos!

California Roll Nachos 

We can’t be friends with anyone who don’t love nachos. But, if you do have friends who need convincing, whip up this gorgeous California Roll nacho dish, and they will be hooked! We really dig this fusion of almost-Japanese and Mexican cuisine, and it’s topped with melted cheese. Game day, it’s on!

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