It’s National Chocolate Cake Day!

chocolate cake recipe

Photo: Dave Katz via Tasting Table

What better way to celebrate the mid-week than with great news such as National Chocolate Cake Day? Every January 27 sees yet another reason to enjoy all things chocolate cake. Whether you love ’em moist, or creamy.. or even vegan, it’s the perfect day to indulge!

The Perfect Chocolate Layer Cake 
It might seem old school, but this chocolate layer cake is everything you need to make it a perfect celebration whether at home, at the office or even at a fun gathering! This recipe has the best ratio of cake to frosting, so we totally approve.

Vegan Chocolate Cake 


Not leaving our vegan friends behind, Minimalist Baker has this simple recipe that makes the most gorgeous chocolate cake that so happens to be vegan! Make this irresistible cake in a bowl, in under an hour. We’re calling it: It’s genius.

Happy eating, folks!


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