Auspicious Chinese New Year Eats!


Photo via: Joinville

It’s time to usher in the Year of the Monkey, according to the Chinese calender. Prepare for a mischievous year ahead, and bring in the New Year with loads of good luck.. and good food!

What’s more authentic than a Cantonese-style steamed fish to serve family and friends? Fish, pronounced in Chinese as ‘yu’, is to bring in prosperity! Whole fish also symbolize unity, and is typically steamed with ginger and soy sauce. The Woks of Life has a great breakdown on steaming fish (it’s not that scary!) and even how to serve the fish. Don’t forget the rice to soak up all the yummy sauce!


Whether it’s the longer, uncut noodles known as longevity noodles or your favorite Chinese noodles, it’s a great dish to dig into to usher in the New Year. Traditionally, the length is a symbol of the eater’s life, so slurp up! We love the good folks at Noodle Lane, with their awesome Dan Dan noodles, a cool twist to the Sichuan dish. It’s hearty, really yummy.. and it’s a great symbol of a long life. What’s not to love?


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