The Most Amazing Doughnuts in NYC!


Photo: Jakob N. Layman via TimeOut

What can totally lift our day, and remind us that life is sweet? Doughnuts, of course! We just came across this drool-worthy list by PureWow, of 22 Most Amazing Doughnuts in NYC, and we gotta say, we’re really stoked for the awesome shout-outs to some of the most delicious fried goodies in town.

We’re also stoked about our vendors making their features in the list, because.. Obviously! Check ’em out, under the cut: 



Photo via: PureWow

The good folks at Dough know a thing or two about fried dough, and it’s manifested in their amazing (and much-loved!) Hibiscus doughnut, complete with an edible flower too! It’s all handmade daily, and with natural ingredients.

Doughnut Plant 


Photo via: PureWow

It’s no surprise the article listed Doughnut Plant‘s Crème Brûlée doughnut as the best, because, yes! They make their own jams and fillings, and only use the best ingredients. Dig in, guys!

Dun-Well Doughnuts


Photo via: PureWow

The Glazed Pineapple doughnut from Dun-Well Doughnuts is so yummy, and it’s all vegan. You read right! Get your fix at NYC’s first all-vegan doughnut stop ASAP.

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